LeaMarie Lesson2

LeaMarie Lesson2: Awwww ! super cute and sexy diaper slut Leah Marie is back for more to show us how she looks so hot all diapered up ! Wow ! I love seeing this little 18 year old heartthrob sitting there all naked on my couch just waiting for me to tell what to do, well, I know what I want her to do, I want her to get all diapered up ! So HOT ! I love watching as Leah Marie gets herself all nice and diapered up, she looks so sweet and sexy in her big white soft diaper, and it so amazing to see this cute diaper slut get on all fours and stick her gorgeous diapered ass up in the air for me ! NIce, well next I want to see if Leah Marie knows how to suck a huge dick, so I take a big blue dildo and begin sticking it in her sexy mouth and right down her hot throat ! Cool ! I like teaching Leah Marie how to suck cock and seeing her pretty eyes water as I ram the dildo down there harder and further ! Stay tuned for much more as I show this diaperslut what to do !

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Sage Barbie Lesson3ptD

DS_Sage_Barbie_L3ptD 0342

Sage Barbie Lesson3ptD: Super HOT sadisitic diaper slut Sage continues to punish and humiliate cute and innocent Barbie in this Lesson as diapered Barbie has to get down on her knees and drink Sage’s piss then Sage instructs barbie to piss in her own diaper only to have Sage wring the soaking wet piss-filled dirty diaper right into Barbie’s sexy little mouth ! Awww, how sweet ! Finally Sage takes Barbie by the hair to show her how to properly lick up all the extra piss from the floor !

Daisy Lily Dahlia Lesson 6b

DS_Disy_Lly_Dhlia_L6b 0306 DS_Disy_Lly_Dhlia_L6b 0434

Daisy Lily Dahlia Lesson 6b: My favorite three gorgeous diaper sluts continue with more sexy slutty action as Daisy fills Lily’s perfect sexy ass with anal beads, then pulls them out and sticks them in precious diapered Dahlia’s mouth and has her lick and suck suck on the anal beads right after they came out of Lily’s asshole ! Mmmm, so hot and sexy ass-to-mouth action ! I love watching as Dahlia licks Lily’s asshole right after the beads were inside her ass Daisy removes Dahlia’s diaper and plays with her ass too !