Barbie Lesson 5 Part B

Barbie the bed and floor wetting fuckup is going to try to prove to me that she can actually pee in a diaper and so I make sure she’s all diapered up properly so I can teach her. I make her spread her legs wide as I flog her beautiful diapered pussy ! This was fun as I really brought the pain for cute diaper slut Barbie, then decided she’ even look prettier handcuffed ! I really enjoyed having the hand-cuffed and diapered Barbie kneel in the center of the floor and beg me to teach her about pain and punishment as I continue to whip her cute diapered ass ! One fucking diaper slut!

Daisy with Lily and Dahlia Lesson1B – A diaper lesbian orgy!

So sexxxy ! Daisy. Lily and Dahlia continue their amazing Diaper Slut Threesome with Lily and dahlia getting started in an amazing diaper licking 69 position ! So HOT ! And while the cute diaper sluts Lily and Dahlia are 69′ing, Daisy just cant help herself as she undoes Lily’s diaper and starts licking her gorgeous little asshole and fingering it too ! Then, Dahlia, on the bottom of the 69, sticks her finger inside Lily’s pussy, and while Daisy has her finger in Lily’s asshole this turns into an amazing 69 Diaper Slut Double Penetration ! Awesome ! Eventually Lilly can’t resist putting her hand inside Dahlia’s diaper and rubbing her clit till she brings her good diapered friend to a frenzied orgasm ! 3 Fucking cunts in diapers doing lesbian things to each other!

Barbie Lesson 4 – Drink that piss slut!

Barbie the pathetic bed wetting failure diaper slut can’t even contain herself once again as she just uncontrollably pisses all over my kitchen floor before this lesson even begins ! I flog her disgusting sexxxy body to punish her and force her into a cute purple diaper and actually brand her with red lipstick as an official DIAPER SLUT ! To further humiliate and punish barbie for peeing on my kitchen floor I decide to make her pull down her diaper and fill a measuring cup with her piss and drink it ! But I thought it would be really extra nice to soak Barbie’s pretty purple diaper repeatedly with her piss and ram her filthy dirty diaper down her throat and keep soaking it and ringing it out right into her filthy sexxxy mouth ! I just love seeing Barbie suck the piss out of her dirty diaper as I repeatedly ram it down her throat and slap her pretty face with it. Drink that piss you diaper slut!

Barbie Lesson 5 Part A

I cannot believe it ! AGAIN Barbie the bed wetting failure is bursting with piss before I even have my camera reedy to shoot her next lesson ! She really is pathetic and needs more diaper slut punishment. I love checking out Barbie’s sexy booty as I scold her for soaking her underwear and floor instead of properly peeing in a diaper, she is BAD and FILTHY, and she needs to be brutally taught how to be a proper diaper slut. I pull out a diaper and Barbie loves the feel of it as she rubs it al over. Next, I have Barbie undress and her tits and ass are looking sexy as ever. I make Barbie PROMISE to actually learn and to piss in a diaper this time and so it’s time to get her all diapered up! Put that diaper you fucking slut!!!

Barbie Lesson 3 Part B – Humiliated Diaper Slut

I lead the beautiful diapered bed wetting princess Barbie down the hall so I can put a spiked collared leash around her dirty little neck and tie it to a doorknob ! Awww, now Barbie just looks super pretty and I want to make sure she understands how much fun she’s really having so I teach her how to lean forward and pull the leash tight around her neck while I mercilessly flog her beautiful flesh and her big sexy diaper ! Barbie just LOVES it ! What a fucking slut!

Daisy with Lily and Dahlia – Lesson1

Daisy with Lily and Dahlia_Lesson1: The SUPER HOT and CUTE diapered threesome of Daisy, Lily and Dahlia are just such a joy to watch as they love to lay around all day in their nice soft comfy diapers ! These sexy diapered sluts are having so much fun in their diapers they simply cannot keep their hands off them selves and EACH OTHER ! Dahlia and Daisy are all over Lily as they feel her diapered pussy and start sucking on her little tits ! Lily then gets up on top of Dahlia and starts making out with her while she slips her hand right down the front of her diaper and starts fingering her ! Ooooh, nice, Dahlia’s diapered pussy is getting SO WET ! Before long Lily and Dahlia cannot resist taking off Daisy’s pretty diaper and eating out her sexxxy pussy after Dahlia smells and licks Daisy;s diaper right after it came off her pussy ! Gorgeous ! Super hot 3-WAY DIAPER SLUT ACTION !

Barbie Lesson 3 Part A Photos

Precious little 18 year old cutie Barbie is back for her DiaperSluts Lesson 3, and as usual she can hardly contain her bursting bladder as she tiptoes back and forth trying to keep her pee in. Barbie is one cute disgraceful little diaperslut, and she needs MORE PUNISHMENT as she’s been wetting her bed and soaking her pretty pink bedsheets, so to hammer this point home I decide to flog her hot little bed wetting ass as Barbie begs for more and more punishmentI just love relentlessly flogging her as I train her to be my diapered pain slut. Barbie gets undressed and she looks just like a sexy little princess so I make her wear a princess crown on her head ! Now, it’s time to diaper my bed wetting pain slut and Barbie looks gorgeous as ever in her huge white smooth diaper ! I decide to take Barbie for a walk down the hall so we can really have some fun… Lots of promise for this Diaper Slut!

Barbie Lesson 2 Part B Photos – Diaper Time!

It’s time for bed wetting hottie Barbie to get diapered, and she just loves how the diaper feels and caresses it, then, I have her sit in the diaper on the floor and I put it on her nice and snug and Barbie just looks gorgeous and hot all diapered up ! I love checking out her big beautiful diapered booty as she turns around and shows off her big sexy diaper for me ! I just love punishing dirty 18 year old Barbie so i slap her pretty face a few times as she cannot wait any longer and just has to let loose so I let her undue the diaper, squat over it and fill it up with her piss ! mmmm . . . mmmm . . . . good, I just love seeing all the golden piss soaked up in the diaper and I simply can’t resist slapping Barbie across the face and spanking her ass with her dirty piss-soaked diaper, as she begs me to teach her more ! A real nasty diaper slut!