Samara Lesson 2
Samara Lesson2: Ultra cute pretty in pink Samara is back for her Diaper Sluts Lesson 2 ! And this gorgeous sweety is a hand-ciffed diaper slut who has to pee REALLY BAD so she\'s all diapered up so she can pee in her diaper for me rather than on her bedsheets like she\'s been doing before ! I am training this cutie samara to be a good diaper slut so she needs to learn how to pee in her diaper so I flog the hand-cuffed and cute Samara until I\'m good and ready then I finally let her soak her diaper with her piss ! Good job Samara, wow there sure was a lot of piss, so I have her lick her dirty diaper before she kneels in front of me and I wring out the piss-soaked diaper right into Samara\'s open mouth as she gulps down all her piss !

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